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Monday, December 4, 2023 - 03:34
Monday, December 4, 2023 - 03:34

The ADÜYÖS will be held on the date as stated in the application calendar in a single session. ADÜYÖS is planned to be conducted in ten different exam centers: Aydın, Ankara, Antalya, Hatay, İstanbul, Trabzon and Van; Mons (Belgium), Baku (Azerbaijan) and Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan). . The place where the candidate will take the exam will be determined according to their preferences and the status of exam center quotas and will be announced to the candidates on the Exam Entry Document on the ADÜYES website. . For whatever the reason, candidates who do not take or cannot take the exam are not entitled for a make-up exam.

ADÜYÖS applications will be taken between the dates stated on the Application Calendar on internet page. After this period, the application system will automatically close. Applications will not be accepted out of the application period, in person or by post. Read the Application Guide carefully.

Information about the examination place and the exam, the candidates will take, will be announced on the website of on the date date stated on the Calendar, after the applications are closed. Candidates must print out the Exam Entry Document from the ADÜYÖS procedures page and review it carefully before the exam date.

ADÜYÖS Basic Academic Skills Test consists of 80 multiple choice questions. Duration of the examination is 120 minutes. ADÜYÖS will be evaluated from 100 standard points. . Correct and incorrect answers given by the candidate will be evaluated separately. For every incorrect 4 answers, the candidate’s ADÜYÖS mark will be decreased by 1 standard point.

In order to be successful and to get a result document, a candidate must get at least forty (40) points out of a hundred (100) from ADÜYÖS.

It is possible to access detailed information about the application, exam, registration and admission dates, the content of the exam and the exam procedure from the Application Guide on this website..

A successful ADÜYÖS Score can be used for ADÜYES application. Candidates who are successful from ADÜYÖS cannot take ADÜBYS. In the case of an application with this exam result, 100% of the exam score is used in the evaluation as ADÜYP. It is possible to access detailed information about ADÜYP, the evaluation of ADÜYÖS and the use of this exam score as ADÜYP from the Application Guide on this website.

The ADÜYÖS 2022 result is valid until the end of the calendar year(31 December 2022) the exam has been held in.

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